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What I learned at the Floyd Yoga Jam this year

Posted by Brett
I am Glenda's husband. Together we own VitaZen and The Centre at VitaZen.
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on Tuesday, 02 September 2014 in Uncategorized

I must admit I was a little nervous when it all began. We got to the yoga jam and found out that we had to “schlep” our camping stuff up and down the hill to the studio camping site. Many things were going through my head as I was sweating, red faced, carrying totes and shoulder bags and pulling a little buggy( provided by the Jam) down the hill to the site. Not as concerned about myself as I was the others in our group who I wanted more than anything to have a good time. After all, this was as “studio” trip. 

It started coming together. As everyone arrived tents went up and laughter was heard. Every year I go to the YogaJam to learn, to be free, and to fill up with peace and joy. This year was no different except for one thing. I learned so much more, and it wasn’t about yoga poses or sequences or styles or yoga teachers.

I learned that you can put people of all ages, back grounds, and spiritual awareness in the same place and find love, peace and unity. That sounds a bit corny I know, but it is the truest thing. Festivals like the YogaJam allow you to be present in what you feel at the moment even though surrounded by the diversity of life. I learned that spirts shine through all that is human, that laughter is the best medicine and that no matter how hot the beating sun, life is good. I learned that my heart is more important than my head and it is ok to listen to it.

I learned that dancing to MC Yogi is like taking a trip in time and that doing a Bhakti yoga class with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus band is timeless. Connecting with people, connecting with myself and with my husband (in an awesome partner class) is like stepping outside of the limits of my body and finding that in my soul I can do anything. I learned that doing art opens your heart and writing poems is freedom. I learned that no matter how uncomfortable sleeping in a tent can be, waking up in nature is more awesome than can be described. I learned that wearing found flowers in your hair is awesomeness beyond compare and that I miss the stars in the sky more than I should.

I always plan to bring the spirit of my experience back to my yoga studio, to my students who couldn’t be there and give them, if only a small piece, of how much fun I have and what I learn about teaching yoga.  This year I brought back more than that. I hope I can give them a piece of the feeling, because this year was not about doing but about feeling. The experience of connecting things that often do not go together like work and yoga, or people who you never thought would have anything in common actually have everything in common.   It was very special for me, I was surrounded by friends and family in place where nothing material matters and people can be who they really are inside. Every moment was infused with love, and laughter, and excitement for another day.

I am thankful for those who are able to bring us the YogaJam and for those who teach and help and feed our souls.



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I am Glenda's husband. Together we own VitaZen and The Centre at VitaZen.


brett Tuesday, 02 September 2014

Well said Glenda. It was an awesome experience.;)

Cheran Wednesday, 03 September 2014

Namaste :) I am SO blessed to have shared it with you and all of my yogi friends that I already knew and I made at YogaJam :) It was beyond amazing!

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