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Posted by Brett
I am Glenda's husband. Together we own VitaZen and The Centre at VitaZen.
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on Wednesday, 06 November 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about being thankful. It’s the time we start looking back on the past year, planning times to get together with family and friends.

As a yoga instructor I begin to plan my classes around being thankful, l myself being thankful for my students and being thankful that I can do the very thing that makes my life complete. Teaching is that for me and I am thankful every day that I can do what I love.

The more I started thinking about being thankful I realized that I am not always every day thankful. I have had challenges throughout the year, as I am sure we all have. It’s hard to be thankful when you have pain or when your children are having problems or when your job is not fulfilling the dream of what you wanted your life to be. It’s hard to be thankful when you are the caretaker of a loved one, or are personally suffering an illness or injury that is threatening your quality of life. It’s hard to be thankful when you are attached to the idea of what should or should not happen or what you should or should not be.

How do we become thankful for everything? I don’t believe there is a magic pill or spell; but I do believe that deep down inside of every human being is a place where we are exactly who we want to be. When we are brave enough to go there, we become thankful for the hard times and well as the good. It is in this place that we see our hard times a lessons or experiment in life and understand that no matter what we are feeling right now, good or bad, “this too shall pass”. I believe that in this place we can let go of those things we have become attached to. And yes, we can become attached to anything; people, material possessions and even ideas.

To visit this place we have to reach down deep inside and grab hold of what is always there available to us at all times in any situation, a place of gratitude, of peace and of understanding. We can find it in those quiet moments. We can find it watching the sunset or rise. We can find in the face of a small child.

So, am I thankful every day? Yes, I believe I am. I don’t always visit this place of gratitude, but I have learned that it is always there and when I am feeling brave in the face of hard times I can take myself there and be thankful.

My wish to you all is that you find this place inside yourself and visit it often.



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I am Glenda's husband. Together we own VitaZen and The Centre at VitaZen.


Brett Thursday, 07 November 2013

BTW, Friday, November 29th at 1:00pm we are offering a free yoga class titled "Giving Thanks":)

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