The benefits of yoga are practically endless.  But I wanted to keep this somewhat short, so here are a few that I think many future students can relate to.


  1. You are not a pretzel.
    You don’t have to be fit. You don’t have to flexible. You just have to show up. Many future yogis are hesitant to begin their practice because of their current physical condition. Many, including myself at one time, come to our studio with the perception they must be able to push themselves into a pretzel to be ‘good’ or ‘ready’ for yoga. This is simply not necessary! The practice of Yoga benefits every person, at every stage of flexibility, and every stage of fitness. To me, a successful yoga practice consists of a) getting on the yoga mat, and b) doing what feels right for your body on any given day, and c) not judging yourself for what you could or could not do in class that day. That is it. However, if you are still thinking about pretzels, like I am, hopefully it is the fresh baked variety, with a pinch of sea salt.

  2. Yoga stops Time.
    Ok, not literally. But we all have busy lives, and as we age, time seems to speed up, right? By making time for our yoga practice, we gain another wonderful benefit: awareness. By taking time out for ourselves where we practice connecting with our body and mind, we learn to live in that elusive present moment that so often passes us by as we are reciting our grocery lists in our head. With a regular practice, we find that a day feels like a whole day, instead of that blip that happened sometime last week. We get our time back, and this time is where life happens and memories are made. Enjoy it!

  3. Yoga enhances every aspect of your life.
    When you say it like that, why wouldn’t you start today, right? Well many folks we talk to are intrigued by Yoga, but may not be sure how it would benefit their current lifestyle. Many have already committed to being a runner, a swimmer, a football player, or maybe a championship marksman. What we have learned it that adding a yoga practice actually enhances any other physical activity by balancing the muscles in the entire body. Perhaps you are a sales executive, a doctor, or administrative assistant. Yoga improves our mental focus, stamina, our posture, and our post-work back pain. Maybe you are the world’s best Mom or best Dad, juggling children and work/home life like it’s nothing (except that you have not slept in 3 years). There’s yoga for that too. A regular practice lowers stress levels leading to better sleep and improving overall mood to handle anything that comes your way.


These are just a few of many reasons to begin your yoga practice today.  What’s your next step? Browse the schedule. We have at least two classes almost every day of the week.  See you there J 



-“I put on my yoga pants just like everyone else: One leg on, stumble. Question balance and abilities. Use bathroom counter for support. Head to class.”


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