yoga basics workshop sign 04 2015I’m getting ready for another Yoga Basics Workshop (two actually), Yoga Basics is a great way to either enhance your practice or start from the beginning. The Centre at VitaZen has held 4 of these workshops in the past and every time I learn more and enjoy the opportunity to meet some really great people. These workshops get better every year.

I get of lot of questions from those who are new to yoga so I thought I might try to answer one of the questions most new yogis are concerned about.

The number one question I hear “I’m not flexible at all, do you think I can even do it?” well here is my answer to that! “ANYONE CAN DO YOGA!” Yoga is about being kind to your body, being kind to yourself and it’s a very individual and private journey. I don’t know anyone who is unable to take that journey.

Yoga reminds you to be patient with yourself. Yoga allows you to be in a room full of people of all ages with all levels of experience, and everyone taking their own private journey to bliss. I hear students say all the time that after beginning their practice they don’t even know anyone else is in the room. I call that freedom.

When you practice yoga it doesn’t matter how pretty your clothes are or how awesome your Down Dog looks, it matters only that you are willing put your ego in your back pocket, show up to the matt, be kind to yourself and begin that journey.

The Yoga Basics workshop can help take away the fear of “can I do this?” It will show you how you can do it. For those who have been practicing yoga for some time but want to get back to the basics, learn some knew things, and have some fun please join us.

Glenda Wynne, RN RYT

The next 2  Yoga Basics Workshops are
1. Saturday, April 11th 2:00pm-4:30pm
2. Monday, April 13th & Wednesday, April 15th 7:30pm-9:00pm
. (this is a 2 part workshop)

The workshop will be held at:
The Centre at VitaZen 12787 Booker T Washington Hwy
Suite 103
Hardy, VA 24101

Space is limited for this workshop, so call and reserve your space. Come find out why all the yogis at Smith Mountain Lake say The Centre at VitaZen is "my yoga studio"!