Every year I go to the yoga Jam with excitement, my husband says I go to recharge my chakras, and he is absolutely right! This year I was double charged. I grew. I grew in my practice I grew in my spirit and I grew as a teacher. So what did I learn at the Yoga Jam this year? I learned things that I thought I already knew!

I learned that things work out. I learned that giving really is a form of spiritual enlightenment. I learned that we are all the same. I learned that what I do is valuable and that who I am is valuable and that I can share that with others on a deep level. I experienced a truth about “we are one”. As a yoga teacher in a small retirement community I had the opportunity to expose an extremely diverse group of people to the yoga jam. By offering students a place at our studio site there was a coming together of people from all walks of life younger, older, different belief systems, and many different levels and interests in the practice of yoga. I also learned that dancing and singing in an open field to Sean Johnson and the wild lotus band is like....well, freedom.

I learned that the diversity of life is what makes it good and that the appearance of being different is an illusion. Sure we all experience life in different ways but our experiences, our feelings of loss, frustration, happiness, joy, love , hurt, grief or pain are the same and each one of us hold a healing place for one another deep inside our spirit. I learned that we are all connected in more ways than I have understood in the past and our diversity is meaningless. Looking past the physical body or what it can do we see ourselves, and that self is beautiful!

I thank the Dancing Dankini's once again for holding this space of coming together.


                                                                                                                        Glenda Wynne, R.N. RYT



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Here are some photos from our adventure!