Here at the Centre we want everyone to benefit from the many positive results a yoga practice has to offer. We make yoga affordable and obtainable for all. We practice Hatha Yoga. We also explore different styles such as Beginner Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga for the more adventurous yogi.

Here at The Centre we nurture the beginner as well as the more experienced yogi; the centre is about connecting with yourself, connecting with the community, finding health, balance, well-being and of course your “centre”.

People who practice yoga report better sleep, increased energy and muscle tone, relief from pain and stiffness, improved balance, circulation and better overall general health. Yoga is recognized as one of the number one stress relieving therapies. Hatha Yoga is a holistic path consisting of physical “asana” (postures) combined with breathing and calming relaxation.

Begin your journey to better health and develop an understanding of why our yogis say “The Centre at VitaZen is My Yoga Studio”. Can’t wait for you to join us ~NAMASTE~



Meet the teachers


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Tuesday November 30@11:00 AM
Gentle Yoga w Kathryn
Tuesday November 30@ 2:00 PM
Yoga w Cheran
Wednesday December 1@ 9:00 AM
Yoga w Elizabeth
Wednesday December 1@ 1:00 PM
Ageless Yogis w Glenda

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